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Bruko No 6 All Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele - Slimline


Bruko No 6 All Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele - Slimline

Manufacturer: Bruko



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Made in Germany, this is a slim body version of Brueko No. 6, their classic and most popular model. This soprano ukulele has a body which is beautifully made, with all solid mahogany top, sides and back. The neck, headstock and fingerboard are made from one piece of beautiful maple, with a 'flash' effect on the headstock thanks to mahogany inlays. This perfectly made instrument uses top quality tonewoods. While not decorated with abalone and fancy binding, you find yourself drawn to the quality of the materials, with the beautiful mahogany tonewood's lovely grain and the almost sculpted nature of the maple neck.

With a shallow body, this ideal travel ukulele might be seriously quiet. But it isn't, it delivers a reasonable volume and sustain with a lovely tone. The strings fitted are Pyramid carbon, which ring well and deliver quite a lot of brightness with some interesting harmonic tones coming through. The strings aren't everyone's favourite and while the sound is good, for some reason they are particularly unforgiving if even one string has drifted a fraction out of tune. Our shipment from Germany arrived and didn't need to be tuned, so the friction pegs used are obivously up to the job, but a swap for Aquila or Worth strings in the future might be worth some consideration.

The nut, saddle and bridge are all made from hardwood, which looks very pretty and adds to the ring of the ukulele. The Bruko no.6 doesn't have the lowest action in the ukulele world, but is very playable - and doesn't lose volume as a result of super low action. Its not like you really notice the action, unless you are of the ilk who has to have the strings as close to the fingerboard as humanly possible without buzz.

This handmade German instrument is beautifully made and finished, and is light as a feather with perfect balance. As a result it just needs the lightest of touch to hold and is super comfortable to play.