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Bruko No 6 All Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele - Full Body


Bruko No 6 All Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele - Full Body

Manufacturer: Bruko



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This is the famous Bruko No.6, the German ukulele manufacturer's best selling model. Not to be confused with the 6F, which is the shallow bodied version - the no.6 has a regular soprano body. It has a body made from all solid mahogany, with a beautifully smooth one piece maple neck / headstock. The headstock has inlaid mahogany veneer on each side of the maple, giving a nice 'flash' effect. With a hardwood one piece bridge and nut, it means the Bruko number six is nearly all wood, with just the good quality friction pegs and the pyramid carbon strings not made from wood.

The Bruko no 6 soprano ukulele is entirely handmade in Germany. When you consider that it is all solid tonewood, and beautifully crafted, it becomes very obvious that this is a very good value ukulele. Handmade ukuleles in the UK are exceptionally expensive, so to get something European made at this price seems a bit of a steal. It makes you wonder how the Germans can do it and we can't! The build quality is very high, with beautifully grained mahogany and that super smooth maple finished really nicely - and everything about it looking precision made. It isn't embellished with lots of fancy features, the headstock stripe and the simple soundhole ring decoration are the only concessions to 'the look', but the simple elegance of the Bruko no. 6 is what shines through.

Bruko's no. 6 soprano ukulele is very playable, with a lovely smooth fingerboard and neck, together with very nice balance making it a pleasurable playing experience. The action is not super low, giving good volume - but people who favour super-low action may be a little cautious. With the lower string tension of a soprano ukulele, this doesn't feel a problem at all - but there are folk out there who would get their rulers out at the 12th fret and say it was too high for them.

The sound is rich and warm, with an almost vintage tone, very traditional with plenty of volume. The Bruko no.6 has nice thin mahogany construction, aiding the balance - but this gives it a tendency to sound 'dampened' if you clutch it too hard under your arm. There's no need to as it is nice and light, but it is worth noting! Held lightly, the Bruko no 6 has incredible sustain and a lovely depth of tone.

In conclusion, the Bruko no.6 is handmade in Germany, beautifully made and a real 'ukulele players uke'... if that makes any sense! They are understandably popular as they are such good value.