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Bruko No 5 All Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele - Full Body

£132.00 £124.00

Bruko No 5 All Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele - Full Body

Manufacturer: Bruko


£132.00 £124.00

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This is the Bruko number 5 ukulele, an all solid mahogany German made soprano uke. It's a cracking little ukelele with a full, well balanced tone and lots of volume. Just for clarity, this number 5 is the normal (full) body version, as there is also a 5F which has a thin body. This uke is very similar to Bruko's most popular model, the no.6 - with the only difference being this one has a plain headstock. The 6 had a bit of mahogany veneer on the headstock that creates a central stripe - which the number 5 doesn't have. When displaying our Bruko ukuleles at the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival, there were a number of people who admired the number 6 but weren't keen on the headstock. So, the number 5 now covers all bases!

The tone of the Bruko number 5 is rounded and warm, but with a distinctive, percussive 'attack', characteristic of Bruko's fitted with Pyramid Carbon strings - and referred to as 'Der Bruko Plonk'. This fun instrument is really distinctive, and while that description doesn't sound flattering, it is strangely accurate, but in a good way, honest!

Looking at the Bruko number 5, you'll not find anything spectacular, just very nicely grained solid mahogany, an elegant maple neck (and fingerboard) and a simple soundhole rosette. In many ways you could say this was plain, but it is simple and pleasant to look at. The build quality is fantastic, and these German made ukes have been made in the same way for many, many years. The Bruko brand is literally branded on the inside of the uke, and even says it was made in 'West Germany'. So, the Berlin Wall came down since they last changed the cast of their branding irons!

The distinctive sound of the Bruko no. 5 is complemented by a very pleasant playing experience. With good quality friction pegs, the uke is very well balanced - while the satin-smooth maple neck is particularly tactile. Bruko soprano ukuleles have a solid one piece rosewood bridge and a rosewood nut, the former making it very difficult to vary the action. This is set higher than some ukes, but not prohibitively high. The string tension is not huge so a slightly higher action shouldn't cause any problems. However, if you are an avid, ruler-wielding action checker, be aware that it isn't super slick, although it is wholly playable.

For an all solid ukulele, made in (West!) Germany, with fantastic build quality, nice playability, volume aplenty and a rich, full tone it represents a bit of a bargain this Bruko no 5. They have been popular for decades and you can see why when you pick one up.