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Bruko No 2 All Solid Maple Soprano Ukulele - Full Body

£138.00 £132.00

Bruko No 2 All Solid Maple Soprano Ukulele - Full Body

Manufacturer: Bruko


£138.00 £132.00

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The Bruko No 2 all solid maple soprano ukulele with a full body (as opposed to the thin, travel uke style ukes they also do), is one of the later additions to our range of Bruko ukuleles in the UK. Why is this? Certainly not because it isn't quirky and fun. And not because this little Bruko doesn't have a lovely sweet and loud tone. No, simply because the pale, all solid tonewood is difficult to photograph so it got left til last!

We like to photograph all of our ukes in our little studio - and doing so on a black background in this case has not really done it any favours. The Bruko no 2 looks cool in all solid maple, with an interesting almost 3D grain in the wood. The neck is also maple, which is extremely tactile and nice to play, while the neck and fingerboard are the same piece of wood - rather than have the ubiquitous rosewood fingerboard - which is a nice touch (and nice to touch!)

Bruko have been making these little ukes in Germany for many years to the same design, and they have a wonderful build quality  - as you would expect from a workshop in Germany. Evidence that the design has not changed over the years comes when you peer inside the soundhole and see the Bruko brand (literally a brand, it is scorched on - very cool!). And under this are the words 'Made in West Germany'! Aside from this the only decoration is a simple black and white soundhole rosette. But decoration isn't really needed. You've got the lovely pale solid maple wood, and hardwood saddle and nut. And it just looks sweet, as sweet as it sounds.

One thing you get with this Bruko No 2 is volume. The sound is very impressive, it is extremely sweet sounding but with plenty of body and punch to back it up. The Bruko No 2 is fitted with Pyramid Carbon ukulele strings. Reading around on the forums and some don't like these and some do. Personally, we'd recommend that you stick with the Pyramid Carbons at least at the outset, rather than upgrade to different strings (though if you choose to do the latter, you'll find a range of string upgrades below that we will fit for you). The sound of a Bruko uke with Pyramid Carbon strings has been termed 'Der Brueko Plonk'. Which is a slightly unflattering but curiously accurate description. This Bruko No 2 is almost like the ukulele equivalent of an Oompah band. It is fun, really fun, quirky and individual.

One feature of these Bruko ukuleles is the solid hardwood bridge, which makes it very difficult to adjust the action, should you wish to do so. The action of a Bruko is not the lowest there is. However, this gives that extra volume and punch - plus the relatively low tension on a soprano should not make this an issue at all. It is very playable indeed, and lots of fun. However, if you are the type who won't pick up and try a ukulele without getting our ruler out, then this may not be for you. Which would be a shame as it is really playable.

This beautifully made German ukulele is a great value little soprano uke. It is full of character as well as high specification for the price. They're so good these ukuleles that we'd be tempted to say that no ukulele collection is complete without one.