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Bruko No 2 All Solid Maple Body Soprano Ukulele - Slimline


Bruko No 2 All Solid Maple Body Soprano Ukulele - Slimline

Manufacturer: Bruko



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This is a gorgeous, German made solid maple no 2 soprano ukulele from Bruko, with a slimline body. The official designation is 2F, with the F standing for 'Flach', or flat. There's nothing flat about the sound though, this lovely instrument gives a sweet, sweet sound with amazing clarity of tone and volume. How such a sleek body can produce such a wonderful noise is difficult to work out!

The solid maple body is beautifully finished, pale, excellent quality wood. With a solid maple neck and headstock (no rosewood fingerboard - the frets are set directly into the gorgeous maple neck), together with hardwood nut, saddle and bridge, there is very little on this uke that isn't made of wood. The bits that aren't wood are the pyramid carbon strings and good quality friction tuners. The strings are decent and really work well with the instrument. That's not to say you couldn't improve with better strings but you needn't rush to change them as it sounds superb. The tuners are light and give this Brueko soprano a wonderful balance. You can put you finger under the neck and balance it perfectly, it is so light and evenly balanced.

For a German made instrument, with all solid tonewood, the value is incredible. It sounds delightful, looks so elegant and is a real beauty to play, with perfect set up straight from the factory. We check every uke in our workshop before it goes out - but with these there is little need, although it gives us a chance to have a quick play - just to be on the safe side you understand! It is common when reading online ukulele descriptions for everything to be described as glowing terms, but these are genuine opinions, not copied and pasted manufacturer descriptions. But, with Bruko such a cult ukulele manufacturer, if you don't want to take our word for it, search for a Bruko soprano ukulele review and you'll be inundated with glowing reports from independent ukers.

Simply wonderful, the Bruko 2F is bright, light and sweet. It sounds different to the other models in the range, perhaps the sweetest of them. Brilliant, brilliant stuff!