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Boston BTU-150 Auto On/Off Chromatic Tuner For Ukulele / Guitar..


Boston BTU-150 Auto On/Off Chromatic Tuner For Ukulele / Guitar..

Manufacturer: Boston



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Quite a cool little product, this chromatic tuner. It has a cushioned clip to attach the tuner to the headstock of your ukulele or guitar. The digital display is nice and clear, and colour coded. If the nearest note is too flat, it shows you how flat and lights up in orange. If it is sharp, the display is red. Once you are bang on, you get green. Our own photos here don't really do justice to just how bright these lights are.

A great little feature is that the clip contains a power switch, meaning that it won't switch on until you clip it in place. Once you remove this digital tuner from your instrument, it automatically switches itself off. If you leave it on the instrument while you are playing, it will automatically switch off. It takes one CR2025 standard coin battery, and one is included.

The multi-directional head of the tuner can be adjusted through 180 degrees rotation, as well as up and down, allowing you to easily point it towards you, however you are playing. But this rotation is acheived through a fairly robust housing, so it is unlikely to snap.