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John Hornby Skewes

Boomwhackers BWPP Power Pack


Boomwhackers BWPP Power Pack

Manufacturer: John Hornby Skewes



The delivery cost of this item is £7.95.

Boomwhackers are brightly colored musical tubes that have won many awards including Best 25 of 25 Years from Parents' Choice. They are a favourite of music educators around the world and are also used by professional musicians, in teambuilding, in music therapy and more!

  • The power pack includes an eight note diatonic set of tuned percussion tubes, two patented octavator caps (which, when fitted to a boomwhacker tube, lower its note by an octave), the popular whack tracks audio CD and a very special DVD with exclusive interview and performance footage by plastik musik, the world's premier boomwhacker performance group

  • The power pack was created for the tween, teen and adult audiences, and is perfect for recreational music making, senior music health and wellness therapy, creative music composition and choreographed dance or movement activities.
  • Usually dispatched within 2 - 4 working days.