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Aulos Recorder Sopranino 507B Symphony 1682Y


Aulos Recorder Sopranino 507B Symphony 1682Y

Manufacturer: Aulos



The delivery cost of this item is 98p.

Good quality sopranino recorder by Aulos. Complete with bag.

Colour: Dark Brown and Ivory, Length:24.5cm, Material: ABS resin, Design:Curved windway, concave bell at the footjoint, three-piece. Sounds one octave higher than the Alto(Treble) recorder. For ensemble and solo playing. Clear and even tone, free of shrillness. Exceptionally light and delicate response. Includes leatherette bag and cleaning rod.

As with Treble and Bass recorders, the natural key of the Sopranino, is F.  Recorder players with these instruments learn different fingering and play un-transposed music. So three fingers on the upper joint is C, not G as it would be on a descant recorder. (The same as a bassoon!)

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