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Aulos Recorder Bass 533B Symphony 


Aulos Recorder Bass 533B Symphony 

Manufacturer: Aulos



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 Excellent response. Full sound and reliable tone in all registers. Double Keys for F and F# and Double holes for G and G# and fitted with a bocal and built-in thumb rest. Includes leatherette bag, cleaning rod, joint grease, sling.

Length:98.5cm, Material:ABS resin, Design:Curved windway, concave bell at the foot-joint, three-pieces, f/f# double key. Well thought-out position of keys and finger holes makes fingering comfortable.

As with Sopranino and Treble recorders, the natural key of the Bass  is F.  Recorder players with these instruments learn different fingering and play un-transposed music. So three fingers on the upper joint is C, not G as it would be on a descant recorder. (The same as a bassoon!)

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