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Aulos Recorder Treble 309AF U Design, Finger Disabilty


Aulos Recorder Treble 309AF U Design, Finger Disabilty

Manufacturer: Aulos



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This instrument is designed with a curved windway and aconcave bell at the foot-joint. It is in  7 pieces. The Aulos 309AF Treble Recorders have been designed for players who have finger disabilities. Some finger holes are adjustable so players can fix the finger holes to the position where they can play recorder comfortably. When seven fingers are available the lowest note is F

Colour: Dark Brown and Ivory. Length: 47.7cm. Material: ABS resin. Design:

It is comes supplied with a leatherette holding bag, adjustable thumb rest, cleaning rod and tenon joint grease.

Usually dispatched within 2-4 working days.