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Aulos 103N Descant Recorder 'Alouette'


Aulos 103N Descant Recorder 'Alouette'

Manufacturer: Aulos



The delivery cost of this item is £2.95.

Aulos recorders have been very popular in schools for many years. This is the basic model, made in one piece. It is equivalent to the Yamaha 24B, and has similar good intonation. It has a fixed thumb rest to help younger players, and also comes with a fingering chart to help you get started.
We must state, however, the Aulos 205 (yellow bag) , at not much extra cost, is the best choice, as it has all of the above but is in three pieces and has a adjustable or even removable thumb rest.

Aulos 103N Alouette Descant

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