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Aquila Lava Series Ukulele Strings - Soprano High G AQ-110U


Aquila Lava Series Ukulele Strings - Soprano High G AQ-110U

Manufacturer: Aquila



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This is the Aquila AQ-110U set of four ukulele strings, for soprano ukuleles. The set has a high G, the regular, re-entrant tuning for ukes. If you've bought a soprano uke and want to change the strings, this is the right set, in the normal uke tuning.

Aquila lava series ukulele strings are an interesting offering from this famous uke string maker. The gauges are thinner than their regular nylgut series strings. They feel nicer on the fingers than their red series strings. They sound better than their bionylon strings and while they're said to be based on their super nylgut strings, if anything the tone is warmer, sweeter and more pleasing. They're black too, or grey-black with a touch of mother of pearl, if you want to read the packet.

To go further into what the packet says, these grey-black strings have been created in respectful homage to the Hawaiian people who made the ukulele famous - inspired as it is by the volcanic rocks of the Pacific islands. Well, that's what Aquila say. Maybe its just because they want to have some black strings to sell as well as all their other variants - but why be cynical! These strings are distinctly Aquila, but with a Worth Brown feel - difficult to describe fully but actually well worth a go.

Currently out of stock, but we can order them for you if you don't mind a short wait. Please contact us if you'd like a set.