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Aquila AQ-104U Super Nylgut Concert Ukulele Strings - Low G


Aquila AQ-104U Super Nylgut Concert Ukulele Strings - Low G

Manufacturer: Aquila



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These are the regular GCEA, high G tuning Aquila Super Nylgut ukulele strings, a full set, for concert ukulele. They are an improvement on the existing nylgut formula. Disappointingly they don't come in a pack with the superman logo on, but instead in a metallic grey packet, helpfully labelled with colour codes, which match stickers on the plastic individual packets inside.

The strings look similar to normal nylgut, but have a more 'pearl' type look, slightly shiny and off white. The feel is very nice, silky and smooth and nice for picking - as your fingers slip off nicely. They don't have the texture that some of the Aquila range have.

Most importantly, sound. In our view they sound better than the normal ones. The sound is slightly softer than regular Aquila. So they're not as bright. The tone seems a little fuller, the edge of the brightness from normal nylgut is removed and they are nice and resposive to different playing styles. Are they twice as good? No. Are they better, yes. The difference is quite small bit it is significant.

The claim by Aquila is that 'These strings settle in minutes!'. That sounds like a bold claim and on our tests, while they settle soon - suggesting that it is minutes is overstepping the mark a bit. They settle in a day or two, which yes, is pretty rapid compared to other string varieties. I guess a day is technically minutes, 1440 minutes. So, they settle in quickly, but maybe not as fast as they say.