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Angled Wall Mounted Ukulele Hanger - Space Saving


Angled Wall Mounted Ukulele Hanger - Space Saving

Manufacturer: Boston



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This is an angled ukulele hanger, for all uke sizes. The arm takes the uke away from the wall, while the angle on the hanger section means the ukulele hangs so you see it side on. This means you can hang more ukes in a small space!

You can get other ukulele wall hangers, or certainly those marketed as hangers for ukes - and even though ours aren't expensive, you can get them even cheaper than this. However, our product has been specifically made for the ukulele and is not a guitar hanger. If you look at the cheaper products out there, and check their reviews, you'll see you have to be very careful that you're not buying a bit of kit designed for a guitar. These will hang your uke, but are likely to see the instrument hanging from its pegs, which is not a good idea. This product is smaller and specifically for ukuleles and will hold your ukulele at the headstock.

Another bonus of this design is that the base sits flush with the wall, again not the case with the cheapest of the cheap. Screws are not included, but different screws are needed for different walls, so you'll know the kind of screw that is best .

These ukulele hangers are rugged and will last well. The arm is coated with a spongy foam that will prevent any damage to your instrument's neck or headstock, and the arm rotates also. This allows you to take your uke out more easily, and reduces any stress you place on the screws when you do so.