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Acousta Grip

Acousta Grip - Violin/Viola Shoulder Pad "Soloist"



Acousta Grip - Violin/Viola Shoulder Pad "Soloist"

Manufacturer: Acousta Grip



The delivery cost of this item is £2.95.

All Acousta Grip shoulder pads have the following features:

- Acousta Grip shoulder pads fit 4/4, 3/4 and partly 1/2 size violins, as well as violas.

- Acousta Grip has no clamps that mute the sound of the instrument.

- Acousta Grip increases the volume and improves the quality, thanks to more overtones.

- Acousta Grip is ergonomically shaped and stays attached thanks to the micro-air technology.

- Acousta Grip is very comfortable.

- Acousta Grip provides the player with a secure hold and can be attached and removed repeatedly.

- Acousta Grip stays attached without glue or clamps, thus not damaging the lacquering, the edges or the back of the instrument.

- Acousta Grip fits easily into the instrument case and even serves as an additional pad.

- Acousta Grip lessens pain and pressure marks on chin, neck and collarbone.

- It has three layers.

- 2 layers have all the features of the Concert Master shoulder rest. One layer consists of specific and customised material that provides excellent sound and is very comfortable. The second is unique, since it attaches to the back of the instrument thanks to micro air technology.

- The acoustic material of the additional third white layer has a different density and response that allows the musician additional projection, increased resonance and maximum harmonics.

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