Townfoot Estate, Brampton, Cumbria

Omega Music

School musical instrument repairs

The Omega Music workshop offers a service to education which takes on various instrument repairs and refurbishments.

Most orchestral instruments can be mended, as can educational percussion instruments such as xylophones, glocks and other hand percussion.

How does it work?

Clearly we need to know what the job is before we can estimate the likely cost.

Emailing a picture and outlining what you would like us to do, is a good starting point.

If then, you would box up the goods we can collect them from you school reception area.

Most things can be fixed, but a few things cannot and some instruments may be beyond economic repair.
Hopefully we can pick those out from your description and photos, before we collect them.

Two things we don’t repair (can’t repair)
‘Nailed’ tambourines and drums (this is where the velum plastic head is nailed to the rim)
Electronic powered items – i.e amplifiers, mixing desks

Feel free to contact us via email or phone to find out more.