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Check out our clearance section, we have all sorts of instruments and music accessories here at bargain prices.

They all fall into these categories:

Display or ex-display: these are items which have been on display in our retail outlet or taken to one of our events. They are in good condition, maybe with a few playing marks or  perhaps the original box and packing is a bit worn. Everything is always checked and setup, and also cleaned and polished before sale. Any serious marks or scuffs are detailed in the photographs and description.

Damaged & Repaired: items in this category are usually items which have been damaged in transit, and then repaired by our skilled technicians. If you don't mind the more obvious marks or signs of repair, we have some serious bargains available here. All products in this category are detailed in the photographs and description, and we make sure they are still good, playable instruments, suitable for the job intended.

Secondhand and trade ins: Here we have items traded in or bought in through our retail outlet. All items are checked and set up, and we have made sure they perform as they should.

Damaged Repairable: Here we have stuff that is broken, though ,we feel, could be repaired or might be used for spare parts.

This section changes constantly, so it's always worth checking back from time to time.

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