How to Know When you Need a New Mattress

How to Know When you Need a New Mattress


It is pretty much a universal understanding that a good night’s sleep on nectar mattress can lead to a good and productive day. And researchers have gone the extra mile to determine that—surprise!—what a person sleeps on (i.e. mattress type) can affect how well the person sleeps. With that in mind, one could ascertain that a good mattress will lead not just to your being well-rested (and less crabby), but also to your success in everything you do during the day…and in life in general. So: how’re you sleeping?

Signs You May Need a New Mattress

  1. Is uncomfortability causing you to toss and turn at night? If so, it might be time for a newer mattress. Often people blame their annoying tossing and turning on stress, but perhaps it’s your old mattress!
  2. The aging process: Just as you might find yourself looking for looser-fitting clothes/shoes/etc. when you grow older, you may also need a bigger or differently shaped mattress as you age. What used to feel comfortable for your body may not a few years down the road!
  3. How long have you owned your current mattress? Even the finest mattresses have limited lifespans. Most manufacturers suggest that a mattress’s life is between eight to 10 years, perhaps a bit more for some of the designer models on today’s market.
  4. Does your mattress show noticeable wear and tear? So you climb into bed and lie down for that wonderful good night snooze…and you find yourself rolling into your partner as the two of you meet in the valley that is the middle of your bed. FYI: It just might be time to upgrade to a new, flat mattress!

Basic Types of Mattresses on the Market

      1. Firm: A firm mattress generally has a firmer mix of padding on top of the mattress’ springs.

      2. Plush: A plush mattress generally has a softer combination of padding on top of the mattress’ springs.

      3. Pillowtop: This is a mattress that has a soft combination of padding on top of the mattress’ springs but also includes a 1- to 4-inch separately sewn pillow-like top above the normal padding.


If your trusty ol’ mattress is aging—or if you’re aging and need a mattress that’s bigger, better, firmer, softer, etc.—you may want to spend some of your spring cleaning efforts on changing up your chosen slab of slumber. It could give you hours of extra quality sleep each week…until you wear this one out, too!

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