Experiencing Music from the Soles Up

Experiencing Music from the Soles Up

As technology advances, we are finding new ways to experience music on the go. As per FashionAndMash.com recommends, If you want to feel the music, literally, from the ground up check out the EP 01 shoes for work or home.

The EP 01 sneakers from DropLabs are the latest entrant into the immersive music apparel niche. These shoes for work or leisure give you the feeling of being at a live music performance.

How do they achieve this?

The attractive two-tone unisex high-top black sneakers have a sub-woofer sandwiched between the bottom of the shoe and the midsole. The shoes can be connected via Bluetooth to an app on your phone to feel the music in a new way.

All you need to do is load the app on your phone. Then switch the shoes on. Next, connect them to the phone via Bluetooth or a physical cable (which you have to buy separately if you want it). Connect your phone via Bluetooth to your headphones. And you are all set for the ultimate immersive music experience. When you play music on your phone, the music gets converted to signals that cause your shoes to vibrate, sending vibrations from your shoes upwards. Some describe it as being at a live show. Others say the sensation is like standing on a speaker as it blasts music.

You can use the app that is provided to change the level of vibrations produced by the shoes. Also, you can set filters to affect the mood of the music. For example, the “Velvet” filter creates a smooth feel, while “Bright” creates a different feel.

The shoes can be connected by Bluetooth or a proprietary cable which you need to buy. The cable can connect to any 3.5mm jack. However, the $25 proprietary cable is not too long, so could be a problem for taller people.

The stylish shoes come in an attractive box with a shoe bag and a charger to charge the shoes. The package also contains a user manual and a DropLabs sticker.

To charge the sneakers, you need to connect them to the magnetic charge connectors on the back of each shoe. They hold the charge for at least six hours.

Not only music lovers but even gaming enthusiasts find that the shoes create a whole new gaming experience. It seems you can feel each gunshot or explosion as it happens. One user eagerly suggested that you use the shoes with a VR headset for a truly immersive experience.

On the downside, the sneakers are priced on the higher side. Also, because of the additional subwoofer in the shoes, they are a bit heavy. Another sensation that you may feel is that the shoes slightly raise you because of the hardware in the sole which can be disconcerting. And if you forget to charge your sneakers, you will end up with a pair of very heavy shoes.

DropLabs EP 01 sneakers are shoes for work or leisure that let you wear, hear, and feel the music, literally from your soles up.

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