How to Maintain Your Stringed Instruments With Home Cleaning

How to Maintain Your Stringed Instruments With Home Cleaning

Stringed instruments produce versatile sounds that allow their patrons to play different kinds of music. Check out FloorCleaningTools to find that string instruments can be equally delicate when it comes to maintenance, so you need to know the proper ways to do so.

You can have your stringed instrument cleaned at your favorite instrument shop, but minor maintenance like home cleaning should be observed to minimize tarnishing and to maximize the lifespan of your instrument. Regular home cleaning should be done for beginner, intermediate, and high-end instrument models alike.

Home maintenance for your instrument can be classified into three (3) parts.

Part 1: Before using your instrument

⦁ Wash or sanitize your hands before touching your instrument. You wouldn’t want the sweat, grease, or other dirt from your hands to tarnish your instrument.
⦁ Ensure that the instrument has been cleaned after the previous use. If not, you can proceed to Part 2 before using your instrument.

Minding the cleanliness of your instrument prior to playing it will avoid rosin and dirt buildup that might, later on, cause more difficulties in cleaning and maintaining your instrument.

Part 2: After using the instrument

⦁ Get two lint-free and dry clothes. You can make use of microfiber fabrics just like the ones used to clean computer screens and eyeglasses.
⦁ Discard the shoulder rests from your instrument if it has one.
⦁ Use the first cloth to rid the bow of rosin residue and other dirt such as dust and sweat.
⦁ Wipe the other parts of the instrument with the second cloth.

Having another cloth is important to prevent the rosin from the first cloth from scratching other parts such as the neck and body.

Part 3: Periodically (depending on how often and how long the instrument is used)

⦁ Consider using a “magic art eraser” to remove leftover rosin from only non-porous areas of your instrument.
⦁ Avoid using alcohol, paint thinner, or acetone to remove dirt from the strings or other parts of the instrument.
⦁ For stubborn marks or gathered dust on the body, check with your supplier for cleaning products intended for your instrument.
⦁ Use a Q-tip for areas that are difficult to reach such as the bridge. Clean other areas with light cloth.
⦁ Polish your instrument only with a polish you can avail from your supplier or luthier.
⦁ Clear up the bow of your instrument with a soft and light cloth. Wipe it gently towards the direction of the hair.
⦁ Have your antique, valuable instruments cleaned by a professional instrument cleaner. Antiques can be the most fragile and require expertise.

Remember that your instrument case also needs some tender loving care. Give it some good home cleaning by using a vacuum to remove dust.

Show your stringed instruments some love from your home. Constant care and attention will not only give you the most out of it but also keep it in good shape to make it last longer.

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