4 Benefits Musicians Can Get from CBD Oil

4 Benefits Musicians Can Get from CBD Oil

Musicians might be all smiles to portray their character, but that is only a portion of what they are really going through in their life and career. That’s why most musicians used to buy hemp flower to help them cope up with the demands and pressures put on them by life and career that they chose. One particular substance that is known to be beneficial to musicians is CBD oil.

That said, here are some of the benefits that musicians can get from using CBD oil:

Helps Manage Performance Anxiety

When performing in front of a huge crowd, musicians are expected to rock the stage and give their all until the end. That puts them in a high-pressure situation, and that’s where panic and anxiety kicks in. Performance anxiety is common among musicians due to the overwhelming expectations of their fans.

A Brazilian study shows that participants who orally received CBD oil before they were put into rehearsals were able to manage their anxiety well. That same study found out that the most effective dose of CBD is a 300-milligram dose.

Helps Keep Healthy Vocal Cords

A musician’s voice is his most important asset, yet at the same time, it is also the most overworked part of him. So oftentimes, a musician’s vocal cords are strained, and the resulting effect is vocal cords inflammation.

Since CBD oil is anti-inflammatory, it can help keep the vocal cords healthy and in good shape, even with prolonged use.

Fights Off Anxiety and Depression

The world was left in shock upon knowing what happened to the lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington. He was only one among the many musicians who committed suicide due to depression.

In a study made by Help Musicians, 60% of musicians were found to have struggled with mental health problems while 68% say that being apart from their families and friends had caused them to experience separation anxieties.

Many studies have already claimed that CBD oil can help reduce depression and anxiety because it has an effect on the serotonin receptors of the brain which is responsible for regulating a person’s mood.

Helps Cope with Substance Abuse

The life of a musician is indeed very busy and demanding given the left and right gigs and commitments they have to attend to. It’s for this reason why many musicians turn to use alcohol and drugs to help them cope with all the pressures on their sleeves. And if they can’t control their use of drugs and alcohol, they’ll surely become drug and alcohol dependent.

A study in 2010 found that CBD oil helped reduced dependence on morphine and heroin – both drug substances that are very harmful to the body’s functioning.


CBD oil offers a wide range of uses that can be particularly beneficial to musicians such as reducing depression and anxiety. Although its benefits are supported by studies, you must still remember that the right dosage of CBD oil will vary from person to person depending on his age, gender, and the condition he aims to treat.

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