Setting Gender on Spaces: Recliners as Male Social Space

Setting Gender on Spaces: Recliners as Male Social Space

Chairs come in different shapes, colors, sizes, textures, prints, designs, and materials used. Best recliners and Chairs also come for different purposes. We have chairs in the dining area, armchairs and desks in schools, chairs in offices, benches on parks, and many others. Today, recliners are flooding the markets-physical and online, due to the comfort and convenience that it can provide for the users.

In an earlier time, owning chairs can give different impressions to others. Recliners allow the body of a person to rest and to relax by means of changing the inclination. Before, this kind of rest and relaxation was mainly experienced by wealthy people, for the sick or persons with disability or paralysis, or for pregnant women.

Queen Elizabeth I, King Philip II and Charles I was the first royals to own chairs with mechanisms that allow multiple comfortable positions. These recliners in earlier times also come with large pillows, golden decorations, precious stones and gems, and covered with the finest silk. This gives recliners the mark of being prestigious.

In an American TV show, a recliner is marked as a dad’s chair for it shows the power and authority of the patriarch in the household. Owning recliners can also tell others about the financial status of a family since only a few can afford it before.

Recliners are symbols of power and wealth for a long period of time but after the seventeenth century, mass production of chairs for everyone was done in response to the demand of providing comfort.

As mankind approaches to progress, lifestyle also changes. Demand on the production of furniture increases that yields to the production of daybeds, chaise lounges, couches and other decorative and comfortable chairs during socialization events. However, social space was set to men and women due to the designs and features of recliners that should fit in the features of the house or the event hall of the gathering. Men are permitted by social codes to behave freely in public spaces but women are assigned to monitor manners making them attached to private activities.

This ended up with the use of recliners for women’s relaxation in private spaces at home while men can access recliners in public areas at home. Men are also viewed as hardworking husbands that provide the needs of all the family members giving them the privilege of sitting in recliners relaxing and unbothered.

Good thing that this separation of social spaces for men and women is now changing through women empowerment. Women are now allowed to those public spaces that are only intended for men before.

After all, women of today are also hardworking individuals that can also do what men can. Besides, relaxation brought by recliners is not only for men. It is meant for everyone, young and old, sick and healthy, wealthy and poor, men and women.

Recliners are beautiful pieces of furniture that enhance the appearance of your home while providing comfort to family members.

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