Best Cloths for Polishing and Cleaning Musical Instruments

Best Cloths for Polishing and Cleaning Musical Instruments

All musical instruments and qipao are exposed to wear and tear over long periods of time, most especially if the musician is a perfectionist. Countless hours of practice and performance make your instrument look old and torn. That’s why regular cleaning of your instruments is required to maintain its elegant look no matter how old they are.

One of the most reliable cloth for cleaning musical instruments is called Microfiber polish cloth. These kinds of cloths are the best cloths to polish your instruments to maintain its beauty and quality. Microfiber polish cloths remove grime and dirt while also protecting its finish and lacquer. These cloths are also well compatible to be used with brass instruments, keyboards and guitars, all the while leaving your instruments to look as if they are brand new.

7 of the best types of Microfiber Polish Cloths

Bach Silver Polish Cloths

This type of cloth is most recommended to use for cleaning silver instruments (e.g. silver trumpets, etc.). Bach silver polish cloths perfectly clean your silver instruments from fingerprints and tarnish.

Planet Waves Microfiber Polish Cloth

This cloth cleans all instruments generally. Even though it does not specialize in cleaning a specific type of instrument, using the planet waves cloth ensures that your instruments maintain their brand new look.

Fender Premium Plush Microfiber Polishing Cloth

This kind of microfiber cloth contains millions of microfibers. Because of this, the removal of trapped grime and dirt is no longer a problem. This is truly a reliable cloth for cleaning since it is also safe to use for nitrocellulose lacquer and it is free of lint.

Music Nomad Microfiber Suede Polishing Cloth

Removing wax from your guitars might sound tedious, but with the use of the music nomad microfiber suede polishing cloth, cleaning your guitars will be a breeze. This cloth is also great for polishing and has a dimension of 12 inches x 16 inches which makes it superior in picking up dust after playing your stringed instruments.

Cordoba Polishing Cloth

What’s great about this cloth is that you can choose from a wide variety of colors depending on the user’s preference. Not only that this cloth is stylish but it is also a reliable cloth for cleaning many types of musical instruments.

Vandoren Microfiber Swab

The Vandoren microfiber swab is made especially for clarinets. But it can also be used to clean and polish a wide variety of instruments.

Bass clarinets are best cleaned with this kind of polishing cloth since it is made with the cord that makes it easy to feed the cloth to the clarinet horn.

Leblanc 3292 Polish Cloth

This microfiber cloth contains two colors. The gray-colored cloth is used to restore the silver shine even without using silver polish and the pink color which is used to remove tarnish and spots. These properties make it best to use for silver plated instruments.

Proper maintenance and care for your musical instruments is a must to maintain not only their look but also their performance. Unmaintained instruments tend to produce lesser quality sounds than maintained ones. By using these types of cloths, musicians can be confident that their instruments are in their best condition possible.

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