Tips to Protect Your Instrument During Hot Weather

Tips to Protect Your Instrument During Hot Weather

The festival season has come and many musicians take their instrument and perform under the heat of the sun. that’s why it is important to know how to protect your beloved instrument during this time. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t leave the instrument inside a car during scorching days.
  • Tuning instruments in warm conditions will likely get sharp. Therefore, fine-tune the reeds first or change the woodwind crooks or barrels to avoid this.
  • Never expose your instrument directly under the sunlight.
  • For brass instruments, use a valve guard to keep your instrument’s lacquer wearing away caused by the acidity produced by your skin oil and sweat.
  • Immediately wipe your instrument using a cloth after playing to clean sweat marks from your fingers.
  • For wooden instruments, you may rub some bore oil to your instrument to prevent it from cracking. Also, store it in a lower temperature place.
  • Employ pull throughs more often to prevent fizzes and muggy pads.
  • Like your lips, a lip balm that has SPF can also protect your instrument,

We advise not to pick your instrument up after applying sunscreen in your hands or wash it first since there are many cases that it did leave dense marks on car paint.

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