The Worth of Playing Within a Group

The Worth of Playing Within a Group

You must look for an opportunity to perform with others after you have mastered the fundamentals of playing your chosen instrument. Whether it be in the house or garden. Not only is it so much fun compared to being alone, playing with a group can improve your musical skills such as listening, sight-reading and tuning. For example, new moms find time to play whenever their child sleeps.

Some schools give you opportunities to be involved in collaborations with their orchestra or groups. If you’re an excellent aspiring musician, contact your local music provider to know the county bands that need more members. And if you’re already an experienced musician, there are national organisations like the National Youth Orchestra and National Children’s Orchestra you can audition for.

NCO or National Children’s Orchestra is now recruiting for the upcoming NCO2020. To apply, visit their head office in Buckingham Road, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset. You must be 7 to 13 years old, a resident, citizen or studying in British Isles and has the drive to play orchestral instrument to be qualified. You have until September 16 this year to apply.

There are several venues for auditions: in London, Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh, Reading Taunton, and Cardiff, choose where’s most convenient for you. You may also apply via a video audition. To know the complete details, visit the NCO website. Good luck and have fun!

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