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Roland Cube 20GX Amplifier - Ideal Amp for Electro Ukuleles


Roland Cube 20GX Amplifier - Ideal Amp for Electro Ukuleles

Manufacturer: Roland



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The Roland Cube 20GX is a guitar amp. But it just happens to be a guitar amp that works really well with electro ukuleles. For a start the sound quality is really good, the balance you can achieve with the tone controls is good (especially when calming slightly tinny sounding treble notes and making the amplified uke a bit fuller in tone). And there are some great effects too, with cracking reverb in particularly sounding nice with ukes. Of course, it is designed for guitars and is an excellent choice for a guitarist also.

The only drawback is for a ukulele player in search for an amp, that quite a few of the effects settings are guitar orientated, understandably. And they still work, but you are perhaps unlikely to get the most out of the specific overdrive effects (even if this is really fun, doing heavy metal power chords on a uke should be tried at some point!). But, given the excellent sound quality, and a bank of effects that are very useful, this Roland Cube 20GX really should be a consideration for serious uke players.

It has 20w of power with a compact body, 37.8cm across, 22.1cm deep and 38.4cm tall. This relatively small size does nothing to diminish the power though, and this will go very loud - easily loud enough for small halls and function rooms for gigging uke players. There is an interface with iPads should you need it, and it has a output for recording devices or headphones. Power comes from the mains adaptors, this isn't a battery amp.

If you have a ukulele and want an amp, you should give this Roland Cube 20-GX some consideration. The reverb and delay in particular are both useful and really add a lot to chords and fingerpicking. And there is one extra effect, called heavy octave, which is absolutely fantastic with a uke. This adds an extra note to each you play, an octave below your chosen note. This is simply excellent, like a bassy, rich uke accompanying you. Brilliant. This is an amp owned by our own ukulele expert and he says his only problem with the 20-GX is not spending all day using the heavy octave setting!

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