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Ozark 3372 Solid Cedar Top Tenor Guitar - Tuned GCEA

£342.00 £299.00

Ozark 3372 Solid Cedar Top Tenor Guitar - Tuned GCEA

Manufacturer: Ozark


£342.00 £299.00

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This is sneaky! A tenor guitar in the tenor ukulele section! Why is that? Well, we have the strings on our Ozark tenor guitar in ukulele format, using GCEA with a low G. With steel strings it has a very different voice, with sparkling highs that stand out when picked, but plenty of chiming depth, particularly when strummed. It is compact in size, with a 544mm scale length and a nut width that will feel familiar to uke players. Overall size is similar to a half-size guitar, making it nice and compact.

The Ozark 3373 can be tuned a variety of ways, but as a default, we'll provide it in the GCEA (low G format). Note - this is not the default for the 3373 in general - just ours! The lovely, sparkling tone is set off against a background of smooth cedar warmth from the solid top. The back and sides are smart laminate rosewood, and the whole thing feels very nicely made, including the geared machine-heads.

The sweet tone of this tenor guitar makes it ideal for accompanying other ukuleles, with a clarity that goods through against a background of strummers - together with a nice rich bass end from the Low G. In some ways the Ozark tenor guitar would be great for the uke player that has everything else, but this gorgeous instrument is far more than a novelty.

The overall length is 82cm, with a 40cm body length. The scale is 52cm, with the fingerboard being 36cm long. The bottom bout width is 32.5cm and the top bout 23.5cm, while the body depth is 8.5cm.

To achieve the tuning, we'd use the following gauge strings, low G (.42), C (.20), E (.14) and A (.10). If you wanted re-entrant tuning with a high G, replace the .42 strings with .12 gauge instead.

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