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Ohana CK-38 Vintage Style All Solid Mahogany Concert Ukulele


Ohana CK-38 Vintage Style All Solid Mahogany Concert Ukulele

Manufacturer: Ohana



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The first thing that hits you about this Ohana CK-38 all solid mahogany concert ukulele is the very dark stain given to the wood. This contrasts nicely with the cream binding and simple soundhole rosette, but it has to be said it is extremely dark! Apart from the binding, there is little to divert the eye from the super-dark body - it is what is it, a good quality, nice sounding all solid concert mahogany ukulele - made to appeal to traditionalists more than those with an eye on decorative extras. If you like the look of the dark wood, great - it is certainly different from most.

The Ohana CK-38 has all solid tonewood, made from premium grade mahogany. It has 19 frets on a rosewood fingerboard and is fitted with Aquila strings. The tuners are good quality Gotoh friction pegs, which work well and keep the balance of the uke nice - it seems to sit very well in your arms when playing.

While this Ohana CK-38 concert ukulele maybe a plain looking thing, no particular beauty, it really does sound the part. The tone is very strong, with good volume, and an nice, interesting sound - with richness, depth and complexity. Given it looks a tad ordinary, this great sound is almost surprising - but goes to show that beauty is no substitute for good craftsmanship, design and materials when it comes to a uke. For ukes at this price level, the Ohana CK-38 is comfortably in the top few in terms of quality of sound - it really does stand up well to the competition.