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Majestic X6535D Deluxe 3.5 Oct. Xylophone (Padauk Notebars)


Majestic X6535D Deluxe 3.5 Oct. Xylophone (Padauk Notebars)

Manufacturer: Majestic



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This is a fantastic xylophone within this price category.

The bars are made from light rosewood aka padauk, which is a wood used by all major manufactures of tuned percussion, being very sonorous and stable. It is an excellent alternative to Honduras rosewood, which is an endangered timber.

The frame of this instrument is very sturdy, yet it is light and easy to fold.


Octave : 3 1/2

Range : F4 - C8

Bar : Light Rosewood (Padauk)

Bar Size : 38 mm

Pitch : A = 442 Hz

Length: 157 cm

Width (low end) : 70 cm

(high end) : 65 cm

Height : 90 ~ 115 cm

Weight: 63 kg