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Majestic Gateway Marimba 3.3 Octaves With Resonators


Majestic Gateway Marimba 3.3 Octaves With Resonators

Manufacturer: Majestic



The delivery cost of this item is £7.95.

This marimba is amazing value! It has padauk (light rosewood) bars with a layout exactly like professional marimbas (e.g. the Deluxe and the Artist 4.3).

It has a 3.3 octave range (one octave less than the aforementioned instruments). The width of the bars is precisely the same, giving the player a smooth transition to the full professional marimba when the time comes. This is a unique feature of the Gateway Majestic marimba. Naturally this is a highly satisfactory instrument for those not needing that top octave.
The tone quality is exceptional for a student instrument, with a warm, smoothly-graded sound throughout the registers.
There are various height settings, and the marimba can be quickly taken apart. The framework is very light, which aids transport and storage.
The Majestic marimba is available with resonators (4M5533DR).
(Wheels are available as an extra.)

Technical specification 4M5533DR:

  • 3.3 octaves
  • Range: A2 – C6
  • Bar: Padouk
  • Bar length: 44 – 63 mm
  • Pitch: A=442
  • Width: Low End: 80cm, High End: 45cm
  • Height: 70 – 100cm
  • Weight: 16.4 Kg