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The ukulele rose to prominence in the early 20th century, having originated as a Hawaiian interpretation of small guitars brought to the island by Portuguese immigrants in the previous century. Playing the ukulele became popular all over the world until the late 1960's when ukulele music went into decline. However, since the end of the 1990's the ukulele has seen its popularity rise again, partly due to the ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, who have played to audiences around the world and featured alongside many mainstream artists.

We stock a large range of ukuleles of all types, with soprano, concert, tenor and baritone ukuleles from a number of different manufacturers including Ashbury, Blue Moon, Tanglewood and an extensive range of Brunswick ukuleles - with models on sale from inexpensive fun instruments to top quality electro-acoustic ukes! Having considered our favourite and best selling models, for value and quality we have a look at some of our most highly recommended ukuleles in detail below: -

Brunswick Mahogany Concert Ukulele - While we find that more people order tenor and soprano ukuleles from the Brunswick ukulele range, the Brunswick concert mahogany ukulele is the choice of our resident ukulele expert and player, so it is hard not to recommend it! Demand for Brunswick ukuleles is often high, and supply can outstrip demand - which is why we always keep a large stock so we have availability on these high quality and great sounding ukuleles. The quality of construction and finish with the Brunswick Mahogany Concert ukulele far outstrips its modest price, and its mahogany construction, geared tuners and GHS black nylon strings give any ukulele player a bright, ringing tone.


Ashbury Tenor Koa Ukulele GR3515 - This tenor ukulele from Ashbury is aimed at semi-professional players who want a very playable instrument with excellent specifications. The ukulele's top, back and sides are made from Koa, wood from a tree native to Hawaii. This wood was used to make the first ukuleles when islanders found it perfect for their construction as it offered their ukuleles fine tone, figure and colour. We also stock Ashbury Koa Baritone ukuleles as well as the popular Ashbury Concert Baritone ukulele that uses Koa wood.


Brunswick Mahogany Soprano Ukulele - Every ukulele in the range we stock from Brunswick Ukuleles is impressive for its value for money, given the clear, ringing tones these instruments can produce - especially for a ukulele with such a low price tag. This Brunswick Soprano ukulele is constructed from mahogany throughout, together with all the good quality fittings you would expect from this respected manufacturer. A key advantage for Omega Music is that we recognise the demand for these ukuleles often outstrips how many can be produced at Brunswick's ukulele workshops, so always carry a healthy stock to make sure we can keep up with the current appetite for these excellent quality ukuleles.


Blue Moon F Tenor Ukulele GR3509 - This is a well made ukulele with a unique, stylish appearance, making it ideal for those who like that distinctive uke sound, but who want a look that stands out from the crowd. The Blue Moon F Tenor ukulele is strung with baritone ukulele strings, but can be adjusted to the C tuning more commonly associated with Tenor ukulele. The pear shaped body is made from Sapele and the ukulele is fitted with an attractive rosewood fingerboard. We also stock a deluxe tenor Mandola gig bag perfect to keep this unusually shaped ukulele safe on the road.


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