Carbon fibre bow or wooden bow?

When upgrading your bow, replacing the one that virtually comes free with the violin, you are presented with a choice of a traditional wooden bow or a carbon fibre one. This dilemma facing the advancing string player is fairly new. The carbon fibre technology, developed in Formula One racing cars, fishing lines and archery, has now pushed its way into the hallowed ground of violin bows.

Choosing a good wooden (permanbuco)  bow has truly been the province of skilled players who can test the bow's playablity. Even then they won't know how long the bow will last.

There are few tradidional bow-makers from whom to make your selection, and most dealers have a vested interest in suggesting this bow or that, not necessarily with the buyer's best interest at heart.

In choosing a carbon fibre bow, all that element of the player/maker is removed and since every bow of a particular model  will be exactly the sam ,you will simply get what you pay for!

So which should you get?

Wooden bow:

 If you can be sure of getting the right one, a good wooden bow will sightly out -perform the equivalent carbon fibre bow.

You must take very great care of the bow and keep a watch on humidity and temperature.

Carbon fibre bow:

All bows will be consistent and the price you pay will be reflected in the quality.

The bows are  fairly strong and not affected by humidity or temperature.

Should you lose the bow, you will be able to replace it with exactly the same thing.

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