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Stentor Violins sell more violins worldwide than any other manufacturer, building up an excellent reputation for student violins amongst music teachers for their good quality and economic prices. Stentor Violins have a number of different instruments in their violin range, from very basic models for complete beginners, through to violins suitable for advanced students and young professional musicians, such as the Stentor Elysisa Violin. Made in their long established factory in China, and sometimes fitted in their UK workshops, Stentor violins are noted for their quality craftsmanship and materials. This guide looks at the Stentor violins available from Omega Music, key Stentor dealers who have been supplying Stentor violins to the public and the education sector for over 20 years.

Violin Set-Up - As with all violins supplied by Omega Music, each instrument is checked and adjusted prior to being sent, to ensure the instrument is ready to play. We have experienced violin technicians to carry out this essential task, which is important as often changes atmospheric conditions during shipping mean some work has to be carried out before delivery. These are minor adjustments, but vital to ensuring that the violin is ready to play when it is received. Not all retailers offer this check and adjustment service, meaning some instruments supplied may not achieve a good tone - something vital for the encouragement of student violinists learning the instrument. The standard of manufacture of Stentor violins is very good, and adjustments are made purely to counteract any natural change in the condition of the wood due to changes in the atmosphere between the factory environment and the conditions during transport.

The Correct Size for a Violin - Stentor violins are supplied in a variety of sizes, meaning most models can be selected for anyone, from young children to adults. Naturally, because of the way a violin is played, the key factor when considering which size of violin to select is the arm length. With an unbent elbow, the measurement would be taken from neck to the palm of the hand. There are a number of different sizes available across the Stentor violin range, with our violin descriptions giving an idea of the age the different Stentor violin sizes are tailored to. The violin size descriptions descriptions correspond to length of the body of the instrument, taken from the bottom edge to the join between body and the violin's neck. For example, a 4/4 violin would measure 14 inches, 3/4 13 inches, 1/2 12 inches while 1/4 would be 11. Each Stentor violin is listed with different size options. If you have any queries, our experienced team are on hand to deal with any questions, and we can order in other violin sizes than those shown in our Stentor violin listings.

stentor student 2 violin outfit

To get an idea of the types and standard of instrument in our Stentor violin range, the qualities and drawbacks of each are described in a little more detail: -

Stentor Standard Violin - The entry level instrument from Stentor Violins provides everything required for students new to the violin. the Stentor Standard violin is hand carved from selected tonewoods and fitted with an alloy tailpiece and integral adjusters. Thanks to the hardwood pegs and fingerboard, a reasonable tone can be achieved, especially if the violin strings are upgraded. The Stentor Standard violin is sold as an outfit, complete with a reliable wood bow and a well designed light violin case making it ideal for new learners of the instrument. All Stentor violins supplied by Omega Music are checked and adjusted by an experienced technician prior to being delivered, to ensure all pegs and bridge are fitted correctly and the instrument is ready to play. While the Stentor Standard violin is an ideal budget violin, the emphasis is on the low price and most music teachers would recommend new students start with a Stentor Student 1 violin or the Stentor Student 2 violin, described by Stentor Violins as the optimum teaching instrument. That said, the Stentor Standard violin is a good choice for its economy, especially for students completely new to the instrument who want to give it a try before deciding whether to take up the violin more seriously.

Stentor Student 1 Violin - This well made instrument is the choice of many beginner students with the violin. It is an extremely popular Stentor violin and is hand carved from solid tonewoods and equipped with good quality rosewood pegs and fingerboard. Stentor Student violins are bestsellers at the beginner end of the violin market, with an exceptional level of workmanship in the manufacture, given the very modest price. The solid maple and spruce used to make the Stentor Student 1 violin have been hand shaped and finished and the instrument boasts traditional inlaid purling. With our Education department dealing with over 6,000 schools each year, we are in a key position to receive feedback about the performance of student violins, and the Stentor Student 1 violin is very well received by music teachers. Sold as an outfit, the Stentor Student 1 violin is supplied with a quality hard case, bow and rosin. For students and especially those on a budget, the Stentor Student 1 violin is regarded as a decent, solid option, with a good tone for the price, especially if upgraded strings are used. That said, given the relatively small price difference, we would recommend consideration to the Stentor Student 2 Violin which is probably better value given its improved features over this model.

Stentor Student 2 Violin - For a modest outlay indeed, the Stentor Student 2 Violin is certainly a lot of violin for your money. It is regarded by Stentor Violins themselves, together with huge numbers of music teachers worldwide, as the optimum teaching instrument for students new or relatively new to the violin. At this sort of price range we would suggest it is very difficult to beat the Stentor Student 2 violin, which is made from solid, hand carved tonewoods. The advantage over the Stentor Student 1 violin is the addition of ebony pegs and fingerboard which help to give a better sound - all important for the encouragement of student violinists. In addition, the Stentor Student 2 violin outfit includes an upgraded wooden bow with ebony frog, rope core strings and well designed lightweight case which includes accessory pockets and carrying straps. There are other violin manufacturers of course, with instruments aimed at the same level of violinist as the Stentor Student 2 violin, but we would recommend this as well worth considering, as it offers exceptional value for money.

Stentor Conservatoire Violin - The Stentor Conservatoire Violin outfit comes with an instrument with enhanced features making it suitable for violinists up to intermediate grades. It is fitted with better quality strings and an alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters, a solid carved spruce table and maple back, ribs and neck - all finished with a good quality special formula varnish. These features go together to make a violin with a good tone and delicate action, justifying its reputation as a good quality mid range violin outfit. The Stentor Conservatoire violin is supplied with a professional style oblong case and a high grade wood bow and violin blanket. The Stentor Conservatoire violin outfit is very economical given the standard of workmanship of its hand carved components and is a good recommendation for students upgrading from the Stentor Student violin range.

Stentor Messina Violin - The remarkable thing about Stentor violins is that throughout their whole range, the quality of the workmanship that goes into their manufacture represents good value, even with the Stentor Messina violin, a more advanced instrument. These very good quality Stentor violins are individually hand crafted with flamed maple back and ribs, with a front made from selected narrow grain spruce. The Stentor Messina violin is hand finished with a traditional spirit varnish, making it look as good as it sounds. The Stentor Messina violin is available as an outfit, equipped with high quality branded strings, professional style case and very good quality wooden bow. For intermediate to advanced players, the Stentor Messina is still very good value, despite its higher price, with a standard that holds up exceptionally when compared to other makes in the same price range.

Stentor Elysia Violin - The Stentor Elysia violin is an excellent quality instrument fully fitted in Stentor Violins' UK workshops. Suitable for advanced players, it features excellent build quality and high quality parts made from premium materials. The Stentor Elysia violin features ebony fingerboard and pegs, finely figured maple ribs, neck and back and a good quality, attractive application of a traditional varnish. To match the quality of the Stentor Elysia violin, the instrument is supplied with professional quality Pirastro strings for a quality tone. That tone is also improved by the split back - making it an ideal violin for students learning advanced grades of music, or for young professional musicians.

Please treat this advice as a thorough overview of the range, and feel free to call us with any further questions you may have - we are always happy to help.

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