Your First Handpan Playing Lessons

Your First Handpan Playing Lessons

The handpans are a pitched percussion instrument of a distinctive type. When played, it produces musical notes much like the xylophone.

Handpans have grown in popularity among enthusiasts of the Indian ghatam, the Thai gong, and steelpans originating from Trinidad and Tobago. The great thing about handpan produced sounds is that they add an Oriental feel to the overall musical arrangement.

However, there are only very few resources for learning to play this musical instrument due to its rarity in numbers. Having this realization in mind, here are the first few lessons that you need to know when you finally decide to give a handpan playing a try.

  1. Seek An Expert’s Help

In case you are ready to own your first handpan, you should consider seeking the help of a product expert. Be it your friend or a musician you are acquainted with, never dismiss the importance of their proven expertise when choosing the best sounding and the most durable handpan.

  1. Get Used To Handpan Playing

Before you commit to playing this one-of-a-kind instrument, you should get a feel of handling and playing it by heart and see if it suits your musical style. Your mistakes during this time do not count as long as you gradually get comfortable producing catchy percussive notes using this musical instrument.

  1. Find Some Educational Material

If you want to dive deeper into sharpening your handpan playing skills, you may look for free instructive videos that can be seen through online streaming providers, such as instrument playing basics.

You may also spend a reasonable amount of money on any available paid handpan playing masterclass since they comprise a broad range of lessons that are not taught elsewhere. These lessons, which are taught in person or online, are categorized into basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.

  1. Choose Between Melody and Rhythm

Some handpan players can produce melodies but do not have rhythm, while others struggle with developing and adapting their percussion skills using this melodic musical instrument. Therefore, it is extremely important to select between melody and rhythm as a preference when playing the handpan.

If you can pull off playing this musical instrument with both melody and rhythm, that would be awesome.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

Whenever you think you are stuck in an endless cycle playing the same set of notes, do not get frustrated and just keep on playing. Eventually, you will become accustomed to handpan playing without even realizing it.

Your creative expression will suddenly branch out, too, as a result of having enjoyed this instrument.

  1. Look For An Inspiration

In case you want to play a different kind of beat or melody, try looking for any inspiration.

Watch a few movies that feature a score with a heavy focus on percussive music, and you will get the drift unexpectedly. Let that inspiration take control over your mind, body, and soul, and you will not get stuck with playing a wide variety of captivating and emotional melodies.

Toying with handpans can be quite tricky. However, with the right amount of consistency, discipline, and perseverance, you will someday master the art of handpan playing.

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