Attaching Music or Sounds in Instagram Stories with the New Music Sticker: Here’s How

Attaching Music or Sounds in Instagram Stories with the New Music Sticker: Here’s How

You might doubt it, but it is true! Instagram added a ‘music sticker’ feature. According to, this functions in photos and videos that allow you to choose from a lot of songs and music depending on your taste or how it fits the feeling of your IG story.

Instagram also introduced another feature that allows you to put lyrics to the song that you added in your story.

How to Attach Music in IG Stories

This is just an easy to follow steps in adding music tracks to your IG Story.

Here it is:

Step one; download the updated version of the Instagram application on your phone. If you are using Android, download it on Google Play Store. If you are using iOS, download it on the Apple App Store.

If you already have the application, make sure that it is already on its latest version so that you could use this feature.

Next, you should hit the camera logo. You can find it at the top right of your IG screen. This will lead you to the Stories page of your app.

By this time, your camera will be enabled, which will allow you to take an actual photo or video of what is happening around you.

After that, hit the button for stickers found at the upper part of your photo or video review.

Select that sticker that says, ‘MUSIC’.

You will be shown another page that shows a list of soundtracks. Search the certain music that you want to attach, or if you do not have any in mind, you can just search by genre or what is trending.

Just to make sure, you may listen to the song before attaching it to your music by selecting the play button.

Once you already chose your music, you may adjust within the music to select which part of the song matches the mood of your IG story.

You may also select the duration of the soundtrack that you want to attack. The maximum allowable time is only 15 seconds.

There are other songs that have available lyrics with them, and they would automatically appear on your phone’s display.

If you have those lyrics, you can select variations of font styles and formats. (Additional information: When a user views your story, they can hit the music’s lyrics to know information about the music artist.)

Lastly, you can modify the appearance of the sticker by pressing it before uploading it.

Through this guide, you are now prepared to upload your IG Stories in a cooler way! You may also add other features aside from musical background.

Other Method in Attaching Music to Your Stories (iOS only)

There are other situations where we need the music track attachment as we take the video for our IG story. One example is dancing to certain music.

Instead of playing actual music in the background as you take that quick dance IG story, you may select a soundtrack before recording your video.

Here’s how:

Hit the IG story camera

When you’re in recording feature, swipe to ‘Music’

Browse or search for the soundtrack you want

Adjust the track to the part of the song you want to use in your story

Once it’s done, you may now start recording your story while the soundtrack plays its music from your phone.

This new feature makes social media life more fun and indulging. It is as if telling us that if we want to tell our story, why not do it with style?

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