All About Dragon Super

All About Dragon Super

Dragon Ball Super has been entertaining its fans as the new dragon ball z merch collection for more than 20 years. It acts as a direct development to the renowned Dragon Ball Z. Similar to other Dragon Ball Series; Dragon Ball Z has interesting twists that could be full of humor, emotions, anger and other necessary elements that will keep its fans hooked. If you have been following Dragon Ball Z, it is impossible to ignore a series with Akira Toriyama. While the beginning might not be as good, Dragon super is worth the watch.

Things you probably didn’t know about Dragon Ball Super

1.  It didn’t come immediately after Dragon Ball Z

Yes, it is a development of the initial Ball Z, but super comes after Kid Buu’s destruction, and not immediately after Dragon Z ends which features Goku flying as Buu reincarnates. Dragon Ball Super ends with a small tournament that doesn’t take place, and Gohan’s daughter is a child by then.

2. The first arcs which happen are extended from two Dragon Z Movies

Before Dragon Ball Super was aired, Resurrection of F, a movie was released, where Frieza was infuriated and was rising from the grave with a strong desire for revenge. While the films were well received, fans described the first two arcs as poorly animated versions.

3. There will be no more continuity after Dragon Ball Super.

It has been an excellent series that has kept fans hooked, but the series will not be continuing. Though Goku, the main character doesn’t return to being a kid, there are several ways the old times can be recalled. Continuing this series will mean having unrealistic plots, which will probably not make sense for anyone watching it.

4.  The introduction of a new antagonist

There is a new character, who plays like the God of Destruction, called Lord Beerus. He comes in as a villain, who wakes up from a dream. In the previous series, he has always been asleep through all the events.

Beerus is first seen to be cruel and ruthless, and his only purpose is to destroy. Looking at him closely, he is more concerned about eating. When he wakes up, he heads to earth to fight Goku, the Saiyan God. Beerus emerges victorious after realizing Goku’s skills and weak points.

5. Toriyama is not a fan of Buu.

In the ending Dragon Ball Z film, Toriyama leaves the Boss Chair after the Cell episode. Toriyama is not a fan of the new twist the new series has taken, and Buu does not amuse him. Unsurprisingly, Buu becomes overpowered by Beerus and constantly humiliated. He is always invited to participate in multiple universe tournaments but ends up getting disqualified because of failing a written exam, which brings out his dumb character. Considering Goku passed the written test, we can assume it was somewhat written.

6. Strange continuity issues

While it is reasonable to die hair, Bulma’s hair changes from turquoise to blue, but after the introduction of future Trunks. The geography and the traits of characters are strange.

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