How To Choose The Best Musical Instrument For Your Kid

How To Choose The Best Musical Instrument For Your Kid

As Hans Christian Andersen would say, “Where words fail, music speaks”. True enough, music is the most universal language of all time. According to the, music is the best form of communication even to newborn babies. They can be easily soothed by mommy’s humming, with white noise or sweet lullabies.

If the idea of getting your kid a musical instrument ever crossed your mind while you are lulling them to sleep, embrace that idea. Studies have shown how playing an instrument sharpens fine motor skills and improves behavior. If you haven’t decided what to get, here’s something to guide you in choosing the most appropriate instrument for them.

Pick age-appropriate instruments

Age definitely is a big factor in choosing a musical instrument. Some instruments might still be difficult to decipher for small babies and toddlers. But you can definitely start exposing them that early.

Consider instrument size, height, and weight

Even if your two-year-old kid fashion playing the guitar, he might not be able to grasp guitar strings yet. Or handle blunt drum sticks. Or carry a violin longer than 10 minutes. But there’s a perfect fit for every age category. Most instruments come in different sizes anyway. Just be prepared to invest in them as you might have to change sizes as your kid grows.

Window shop with your kid to test his/her reaction

Let your kid hear the instrument. Is he drawn to the sound it makes?  Usually, a child will not put any effort to learn an instrument when the sound does not appeal to them. So best to check/test first how your kid would react.

Know your child’s personality

This might not be very obvious but this could make or break your kid’s commitment to learning the instrument. An extrovert kid would probably prefer to be the center of attention and would prefer instruments for solo performances while an introvert kid might like to learn instruments that are best performed in a musical group.

The popularity of the instrument

The more popular an instrument is, the more resources are available. You would probably notice that more teachers are available to give lessons for piano, guitar or violin compared to horn instruments for instance. Consider this factor when deciding which instrument to buy since the scarcity of available teachers and instrument support might cause you to eventually give up on your kid’s desire to learn it.

Instrument Cost and Maintenance

Apart from the cost of the instrument itself, ask if the instrument easy to maintain? If parts are broken, are they easily replaceable? How long before a replacement is needed? Would rental be a more viable option? Then there’s the lessons and recitals that your kid will have to take. Consider all this before purchasing so that efforts are not wasted.

Have you already decided what instrument to get for your child? If you’re wondering where to get them, a lot of online shops sell them under the kids’ fashion and accessories category. Enjoy your musical instrument hunt! It probably would be the most fun to do it with your kid!

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