Meet the Beards: A Bearded Band of Guys with Beards Who Sing Exclusively About Beards

Meet the Beards: A Bearded Band of Guys with Beards Who Sing Exclusively About Beards

Men have been growing their beards and using balm for your beard since time and memorial. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The Australian band, The Beards, hopes that people learn to love and accept beards, which is why they sing about it. They love beards so much that it is all they sing about in records. Their fascination with beards may come as odd to others, but they are a catalyst for those who have beards.

The Beard Culture in Australia

The band stated that there had been a form of discrimination against bearded men in Australia. Beards were considered as “uncool.” Because of that, they decided to form their band. Soon after, the discrimination against bearded men dissipated as their music spread. Now, you can see a lot of men in Australia sporting a beard proudly.

What does their Music Mean?

The band wanted to promote in their Music the use of beards. However, they dislike the idea that some men chose to have beards out for the sake of joining the bandwagon. They want their Music to inspire men to embrace their beards long term. It takes dedication to grow out a beard despite it not being trendy simply because you like it.

When did their fascination with beards start?

The band was explicit in saying that they chose not to remember when they started their fascination with beards. They have burned all their childhood photos before them being bearded men. What they want to remain in their earliest memory is their picture of already having a beard.

Impact on Young Men

The band was on honest being approach with issues of high schoolers online. These teens complain to the group about their school, not allowing beards due to hygiene standards. What the band does is write intent letters to the school principals expressing that they should allow beards. They would later wrap the message on bricks and throw it in the school window. Despite the brick involvement, what the letter contains are proper arguments, Beard Care, and studies supporting the beard movement. They say that simply writing the word beard over and over again is already sufficient.

Bearded Celebrities and Beard Competition

he band appreciates the recent numbers of celebrities in mainstream media who are wearing beards. However, they are still not satisfied because they have yet to see politicians have one since the last notable politician to wear a beard was 100 years ago. The band also expressed their enthusiasm for their participation in the World Beard and Mustache Championship. The week-long event in utopia society is what they have always hoped for. They were able to be among men who also share the same interest with beards without any sense of judgment and criticism.

Final Thoughts

All that The Beards hope for is that men with beards should have exclusive rights. This is because no amount of apology is enough for the discrimination that lasted for almost a century towards them. They do understand that some men cannot grow their beards due to genetics, and they do not harbor any form of resentment against them.

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